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​Direct calculation of carbon footprint per unit product in greenhouse crop production to promote renewable energy sources (RES) and sustainable agricultural production

  • Financing: Prefecture of Central Macedonia – Innovation Investment Plans (2014-2020)

  • Project Code: ΚΜΡ6-0279604

  • Partners: I. Kourouklidis and IPGRB, Elgo Dimitra

  • Duration: 18 months

  • Starting Date: 10/2021


The subject of the suggested project is the design and development of a complete device that directly
calculates the Carbon Footprint (CF-Sustdev) during the food production in greenhouses (FPG). The
analytical record of the stages and conditions of the FPG, the categorization and marking of the products
based on their CF, and finally the total enviromental footprint, will make the improvement of the FPG
conditions possible, while the reduction of the CO2 emissions, the enviromental benefits will be directly
measurable. In the meanwhile the energy requirements of the FPG in relation to time and the possibilities
they provide, for the indirect energy storage from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), will be broadened.
The monitored energy equilibrium of the FPG will literally highlight the role of food as an “energy
battery”. The software of the SustDev device will convert the above records to equivalent CF, so the
categorization (or qualification) of the final product per kilo (or litre) will be possible, of the greenhouse
and the production procedure.
Developing an open code software, is giving the ability to update the Sustdev device with new optimized
ways of food cultivation and also provide the potentiality of remote monitoring and management of the
FPG by the producer or research facilities. This way, critical stages of the production procedure with high
energy requirements, high gas emissions and economically unfavorable conditions, will get identified.
Lastly, the greenhouse producers will have the ability to proceed to targeted interventions according the
enviromental and economical sustainability of the business/ greenhouse use.

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