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Green BioHeat Project

Exploitation of by-products from biogas plants for greenhouse heating and production of high added-value agricultural products with reduced environmental footprint

  • Project Code: T2EDK-04794

The general objective of Green_BioHeat is to develop and pilot an integrated production system of quality agricultural products of high added value with a reduced environmental footprint through rational use of natural and energy resources, creating excellent conditions for achieving a circular bio-economy model in the agri-food sector.

The object of the proposed project is the development and exploitation of an innovative platform for symbiotic management of biogas production units and greenhouses for the production of green energy and agricultural products of high added value with a reduced environmental footprint. During the research, an intelligent system of integrated control/monitoring of the greenhouse will be developed. System automation will include wireless sensors and appropriate decision-making software to alert the operator in time of out-of-bounds parameters. The system will automatically intervene to prevent irreparable damage, using an intelligent algorithm. Also, it will contribute to the optimal consumption of renewable energy by the biogas unit for heating-cooling the greenhouse and water/chemicals for the irrigation-nourishment of hydroponic tomato cultivation. Consequently, this project will contribute to the development of a circular bio-economy, zero-waste and zero-fossil fuel societies.

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