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​Direct calculation of carbon footprint per unit product in greenhouse crop production to promote renewable energy sources (RES) and sustainable agricultural production

  • Financing: Prefecture of Central Macedonia – Innovation Investment Plans (2014-2020)

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  • Partners: Vioaerio Lagkada, IPGRB - Elgo Dimitra, Ergoplanning

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The general objective of bioFERTIL is to promote the utilization of stabilized residue from biogas plants as an innovative soil improvement product that contributes to the conservation, sustainable use and recycling of phytogenetic, water and energy resources in agriculture, with the aim of producing quality agricultural products with reduced environmental footprint.

The soil improvement product is based on the utilization of the treated sewage from the biogas production unit of BIOAERIO LAGKADA SA. The digested residue produced by biogas units, according to ELGO-DIMITRA's preliminary research, is an excellent source of essential nutrients and organic matter for crops and contributes to improving the physical properties of the soil.

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