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SAFE: Sustainable water reuse practices improving safety in agriculture, food and environment

g21-0477094, PRIMA, Horizon 2020

EnviTool Logo

EnviTool: Development of an electronic platform for environmental and economic impact assessment of bio-energy production systems in C. Macedonia for sustainable and competitive management by companies in agri-chain
Duration 18 months, starting date 10/2021

Green BioHeat Logo

Green Bioheat: Exploitation of by-products from biogas plants for greenhouse heating and production of high added-value agricultural products with reduced environmental footprint
T2EDK-04794, GSRT, Greece, Financing Agency: OP “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”
Duration 30 months, starting date 7/2020

BioFertil Logo

BioFertil: Promoting the use of stabilized residue from biogas plants as an innovative soil enhancer

ToCO2mato Logo

ToCO2mato: Determination of carbon footprint in industrial tomato and tomato oak type for the production of high added value products
M16SYN-00939, Hellenic Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014 – 2020 – Sub-measure 16.1 – 16.5, (2020)

SustDev Logo

Sustdev: Direct calculation of carbon footprint per unit product in greenhouse crop production to promote renewable energy sources (RES) and sustainable agricultural production.
Duration 18 months, starting date 10/2021


ICAS Smart Aquaponics : Intelligent Aquaculture Control
Financing: OP “Competitiveness,Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”
Duration 30 months, starting date 7/2021

HydroLeaves Logo

Hydroleaves Project:Hydroponic cultivation of vines for vine leaves production in greenhouse


HYDROLED: Study of hydroponic cultivation techniques in a closed growth chamber with controlled climate conditions, artificial lighting with LED and PV and zero carbon footprint
Duration 12 months, starting date 4/2019

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