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Intelligent Aquaculture Control

  • Project Code: T2EDK-00756

  • Project Team: OECON Group, IBC IT & Business Consultants, Emmanouilidis & Co., IPBGR - ELGO Dimitra

  • Financing: OP “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”

  • Duration 30 months, starting date 7/2021

Aquaponics is a single completed system of fish farming and hydroponics (agriculture based in water, with the absence of soil). The innovation consists on the recirculating water system. This system uses fish waste to provide the needed nutrients to the plants. The plants are useful as a bio-filter for the fishes with the condition that after the absorption of nutrients, clear water returns to the fish tanks providing the capable conditions for their living. The circle repeats itself and contracts to the reduction of negative environmental consequences due to the non-released residues to the environment. The final result of Aquaponics is the creation of products (plants and fishes) that will have been developed with the lowest environmental and energy footprint possible.

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