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Development of an electronic platform for environmental and economic impact assessment of bio-energy production systems in C. Macedonia for sustainable and competitive management by companies in agri-chain

  • Financing: Prefecture of Central Macedonia – Innovation Investment Plans (2014-2020)

  • Project Code: KMP6-0067147

  • Partners: ERGOPLANNING, IPGRB - Elgo Dimitra, Qlab

  • Duration: 18 months

  • Starting Date: 10/2021

  • Project Website:

The subject of the suggested project is the creation of a dynamic modular electronic platform (EnviTool)
that provides continuous information. The platform will incorporate imitation protocols of environmental
consequences so it indicates vulnerabilities of the production chain, gas emissions and economical
deviations of the primary sector. The suggested platform will also have the ability to gather the “up-to
now” fragmented allowances of the client at a certain place, in which the client will always have access.
For the needs of the platform th
ere will be protocols designed, that will include the management of farm
animal production units, greenhouses, horticultural products at open fields, plants and trees of large yield,
while processing protocols of agricultural products and bio-gas production, from leftovers of plant and
animal production, units will also get incorporated. As a result, the created platform, will constitute as a
tool able to provide completed services to ERGOPLANNING' s clients, helping them to recognize and
optimize the vulnerabilities at the production chain, to determine the gas emissions and to be informed on
time for deviations from their several commitments.

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