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Participation of the SASRER Lab at the 3rd International Workshop on Vertical Farming

🎉 We are very excited to have participated in the proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Vertical Farming (#VertiFarm2024), held from 16-19 of January 2024, at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna, Italy.

👏 We would like to thank the organizing committee of the workshop and especially Giuseppina Pennisi and Francesco Orsini for the excellent organization. We had the opportunity to present our work and learn about the scientific interests of colleagues in the field.

The members of SASRER Lab and Genomics Lab, presented the following works, related to vertical farming systems and the study of their sustainability.

🔬 💧 "A genetic approach to vertical farming: LED-omics" and "An innovative system of water reuse practices for the promotion of sustainability in vegetable production", presented by Dr. Afroditi Tsampalla.

💡 "Resource use efficiency of Diplotaxis tenuifolia vertical cultivation, as affected by different Red:Blue ratio provided by LED lighting", presented by Dr. Georgios K. Ntinas.

♻ "Life Cycle Assessment of multilayer greenhouse production with smart control systems”, presented by PhD candidate Maria Ravani.

🌱 "Growth and Resource Use Efficiency of Primula veris L. vertical cultivation, under different light spectra in a controlled growth room", presented by PhD candidate Ioanna Chatzigeorgiou.



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