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A New Face of Agriculture: Greece's First Biogas-Heated Greenhouse Unveiled!

🎉We are very pleased to present the first greenhouse heated exclusively by a biogas unit in Greece, within the Green_BioHeat research project implemented by the SASRER Lab of ELGO Dimitra. 

🌱The objective of the project is the symbiotic management of biogas production units and greenhouses for the production of electricity from renewable energy and agricultural products of high added value with a reduced carbon footprint.

🤝We thank ERT3 and Liamis Leonidas for the presentation, the project partners Vioaerio Halkidikis SA and ScientAct SA and the Waste Management & Bioprocessing Lab for the perfect collaboration! We also thank the companies Thermometal Emmanouilidis, NORDIA AGRO and AGRIS for the construction of the greenhouse, the perlite substrates and the tomato seedlings respectively.

Watch the broadcast here 👇



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