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SASRER Lab Greenhouse

Sustainable Agricultural Structures & Renewable Energy Resources Lab

SASRER Lab specialization

Greenhouse Cultivation
Greenhouse Cultivation

We focus on the development of novel cultivation systems in greenhouses, in the context of climate change.

Controlled Growth Rooms
Controlled Growth Rooms

We develop controlled growth chambers with efficient use of resources (energy, water, fertilizers, land and artificial light).

Hydroponics - Aquaponics
Hydroponics - Aquaponics

We experiment on hydroponic cultivation systems and on aquaponic systems to grow crops in a more sustainable way.

Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy Sources
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Energy & Water Use Efficiency
Energy & Water Use Efficiency

We integrate applications of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to grow agricultural products that are environmentally friendly and have high added value.

We study and assess the environmental impact and carbon footprint of crops cultivated on the field or under cover.

We use indicators such as Energy & Water Use Efficiency, which help us assess the viability of our cultivation plan.

SASRER Lab Tomatoes basket
SASRER Lab Greenhouse
SASRER Lab Container



Sustainable water reuse practices improving safety in agriculture, food and environment

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Determination of carbon footprint of industrial tomatoes and "velanidi" tomatoes for the production of high value products

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Development of an electronic platform for environmental and economic impact assessment of bio-energy production systems

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​Direct calculation of carbon footprint per unit product in greenhouse crop production to promote renewable energy sources (RES) and sustainable agricultural production​

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Utilization of by-products from biogas plants for greenhouse heating and production of agricultural products of high added value with reduced environmental footprint

Latest Publications

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Life cycle analysis of semi-intensive and intensive sheep milk production

IoT-Based Agro-Toolbox for Soil Analysis and Environmental Monitoring

Yield, Quality, and Resources Use Efficiency of Wild Rocket Baby Leaves Grown under Different Controlled Environment Systems and Various Growing Seasons.

Introducing the Power of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms in Soilless Systems: A Promising Alternative for Sustainable Agriculture

LED omics in Rocket Salad (Diplotaxis tenuifolia): Comparative Analysis in Different Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Spectrum and Energy Consumption

Energy Use Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of Greenhouse Hydroponic Cultivation Using Public Grid and PVs as Energy Providers

Aquaponics as a Promising Strategy to Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change on Rainbow Trout Culture

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